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I'm just a girl...

That's all that they'll let me be

Hinata Hyuuga
27 December
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Age: 20
Portrayed By: Michelle Branch

College, Job, or Both: College student, Sophomore, Business Management major

Hobbies/Extracurricular Activities: Cooking Club, Student Activities Board, plays the piano and guitar, grows her own herbs and makes medicinal salves and teas, and she practices ju jutsu.

Brief History: Born to a wealthy family, Hinata has always worked hard to prove to her father and elder family members that she is worthy to one day inherit the company her family worked so hard to build. A sickly child when she was first born, Hinata was not naturally adept at any of the ideals her family espoused and fostered in their members. Pushing herself to the limits on a daily basis taught her to become stronger mentally even if she never showed any emotional growth, and if it wasn't for some of the strong friendships she forged when she was little Hinata is certain she would not have made it as far as she has.

Having done her best to balance her family obligations and her schooling, Hinata proved herself to be a strong student who learned quickly and got good grades. Although she achieved Honor Roll and was near the top of her graduating class her father still felt her efforts did not measure up to her cousins' or her little sisters' efforts. When she got accepted into Mishima University on a scholarship she intended to pursue a major in Hospitality and Tourism with a minor in Business so she could one day open her own restaurant, but her father insisted on her becoming a Business Management major.

While she is unhappy with how easily her own life seems to be out of her hands Hinata intends to make the most of her college experience. Once she settles in she is hoping to find a job and find a way to get out from under the oppressive hold her father and family have over her.